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Health Insurance Advisory Service

There are now 4 Health Insurance Providers in the market, VHI, Laya (formerly Quinn Healthcare), Aviva Health and Glo Healthcare, offering various different plans. The Executive Committee recognises the complexity of comparing the various schemes, and the need for members to seek advice in relation to their own specific requirements from an expert in this field. With this in mind, the Executive Committee has appointed Lyons Financial Services (LFS) to provide this advice to members. LFS will research the market and advise which is the best product to meet members’ requirements. This advisory Service also includes:

• A fact find to establish existing cover if any
• Assessment of requirements
• A recommendation based on research
• Detailed product comparisons on each product that meets criteria
• Set up of new policy and cancellation of existing policy
• Make the necessary arrangements for payroll deduction or direct debit where applicable

LFS is an approved intermediary for Hibernian Aviva Health. Neither VHI nor Quinn Healthcare operate through intermediaries. However, as LFS is authorised by the Financial Regulator as an Authorised Advisor the advice given must include all 3 providers and any recommendation will be based on the most suitable product be it VHI, Quinn Healthcare or Hibernian Aviva Health

You can contact the LFS Helpline on 1890-304-304 for an individual assessment of your needs

(Lyons Financial Services is regulated by the Financial Regulator)