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Justice for Colombia visit to Buenaventura








Buenaventura has a population of approximately 400,000 and according to Human Rights Watch is Colombia's most violent city.

On 24th July 2014, the British/Irish Trade Union and Parliamentary delegation to Colombia visited Buenaventura. This is the busiest port in the country, though the living conditions don't reflect this.  The homes for most citizens are of sub-standard African standards. This city is in a Mafia like grip of Paramilitaries, who terrorise the population, mainly by the use of 'chop-up houses' where people have been literally hacked to death and their screams have had the desired effect in frightening locals.  We visited one area which has driven out the Paramilitaries.  The locals came to tell us of their experiences.  The site of the children dancing is that of a dismantled "chop-up house".