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Payment Delays

By Billy Hannigan, Friday, 24th November 2017 | 0 comments

Considerable complaints continue to be received about the inability of PeoplePoint to increase people’s pay in a timely fashion after the individuals have been promoted to a new grade; assigned to a higher scale; assigned to higher duties or assigned to duties for which an allowance is ordinarily payable. In addition problems are also arising in putting new entrants into payment in a timely fashion.

We are receiving complaints of delays of up to six months in processing pay adjustments for staff. As an indication of the problem we have reports that several hundred Civil Service staff across all Departments have been affected by these delays. This is a totally unacceptable position.

While it is understandable that there can, on occasions, be minor delays the extent of the delays being experienced by some members, often running into months, are beyond any measure of acceptability from any employer. It is also unbelievable to think that new employees are reportedly experiencing problems even getting onto the payroll.

The Union has had discussions with the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, the Shared Services Centre for Payroll and PeoplePoint in order to stress the need to ensure that delays are minimised but we are no closer to getting assurances that delays will be eliminated.

The Union will continue with its efforts in this regard but we would ask Branches, where excessive delays are experienced in having the correct rate of pay applied, to raise the matter with their local HR\Personnel Units. Branches must insist that the HR Units take responsibility for these delays and ensure they are eradicated.

Individual Departments and agencies are the employers of our members and the responsibility for ensuring people are paid the correct rate of pay following promotion or assignment to duties carrying an allowance is the responsibility of each HR and Personnel Manager. If the agency or body engaged by a Department to ensure the administration of HR services is unable to pay members in a timely fashion it is the employing Department that is responsible. Branches should use every opportunity to remind them of that simple fact.

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