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Christmas Joy

By Clare O'Reilly, Sunday, 24th December 2017 | 0 comments

It was coming up to Christmas, the cards were piling in

Trees were going up all around with lights a twinklin' 

Children were getting so excited, even adults too

Everyone was all agog about their Christmas do!


Santa's letter had been written in every house in town

Favourite Christmas songs playin', to make a smile of each frown

'Have a good one people wished each other with good cheer

And hoped all good things ahead for the New Year.


But many were struggling to put on a brave face

And get through the season with as much good grace

The separated father who would not see his little one

Or the guy who sleeps on our streets at night, he has no home!


Or the guy who had buried his dad last mornin'

Or the girl who had lost her baby - due this month

Or one of the many who have a sad story to tell

But does not, and instead, at Christmas time, smiles and wishes you well!


So think of these people as you put on the lights

And send them a wish or a prayer

And hope that somehow, this year, in your 

Joy and happiness, they will share.


Clare O'Reilly, PSEU member








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