The Public Service Executive Union represents Executive Grades in the Civil Service & the wider Public Sector.



About the PSEU?

The Public Service Executive Union is the Trade Union for Executive Grades in the Civil Service and the wider public sector. The Union was formed in 1890 and has 10,000 members in the Civil Service, eir, An Post, the Irish Aviation Authority and elsewhere in the Public Service. We are the Union recognised for negotiation purposes for the Executive Grades in these employments.


Latest News

New Union Project - What's In A Name?

During the autumn, the PSEU, Impact and the CPSU will ballot on a proposal that all three organisations should form a new, single, bigger union. Seán Carabini from the PSEU sat down with Niall Shanahan, Impact, to discuss a committee that has been formed to consider a name for the new union.

New Union Project

During 2011, ICTU conducted a review of union organisation by means of a commission on trade unions that had an international Chair and a wide range of analysis. This culminated in a report in 2013 called ‘Future Positive’ which was critical of the way in which unions were organised in Ireland. The report included a number of recommendations and, in particular, it referred to union organisation in the Public Service. The issue of union organisation was discussed at this union’s ADC in 2013 and at a meeting of Branch representatives, attended by the ICTU General Secretary. This union’s Executive Committee decided in December 2013 to write to four other unions to suggest exploratory discussions on how the issues in ‘Future Positive’ and the issues raised by the Commission on Trade Unions might be advanced. In 2014, the respective Executive Committees agreed to consider the development of the concept of a new single union in order to determine if a better, stronger union could be produced. The matter was discussed at this union’s ADC in 2014 and 2015. In 2015 a document outlining the concept and the issues involved was issued to all members. In early 2016, the Association of Higher Civil and Public Servants, (AHCPS), and the Veterinary Officers’ Association, (VOA), withdrew from the discussions. The remaining unions IMPACT, Civil and Public Services Union (CPSU) and this union put a comprehensive document to the respective conferences in conjunction with a motion to seek authority for the continuation of discussions, with a view to balloting members in 2017. All three unions adopted this resolution. The following is the relevant text: This ADC notes the progress made in the New Union Project, broadly as set out in the document published by all unions, and resolves that the union shall continue to participate in these discussions, with a view to proposals being put to the members on whether the union should join with other unions to form a new union. This ballot of members should take place in 2017.

Diversity & Equality Reports

Conference 2017 sees the launch of two major reports on diversity and equal opportunities. Both reports follow on from a survey of members undertaken last year.