The Public Service Executive Union represents Executive Grades in the Civil Service & the wider Public Sector.



About the PSEU?

The Public Service Executive Union is the Trade Union for Executive Grades in the Civil Service and the wider public sector. The Union was formed in 1890 and has 10,000 members in the Civil Service, eir, the Irish Aviation Authority and elsewhere in the Public Service. We are the Union recognised for negotiation purposes for the Executive Grades in these employments.


Latest News

Public Service Pay and the newspapers

There was some “interesting” reaction to the report of the Public Service Pay Commission in our newspapers in the last week. Apparently, the fact that the commission recognised that there was no real gap in earnings between public and private sectors and that there was, therefore, a basis for public service pay negotiations, caused some discomfort in predictable quarters.

…and then there were five

In a previous blog, I paid tribute to four women former Presidents who were moving on. I bumped into a fifth former union President, Fiona Lee, in her role as a representative of another union, at a meeting last week. She too has moved on, so that by the end of this year five of the last six Presidents, all women, will no longer be members.